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Toyota Four-Wheel Drive And All-Wheel Drive Explained

Here in Rhode Island we have the pleasure of experiencing all four season. Along with beautiful weather, blue skies, bright bursts of foliage and snow-covered mornings, however, we also experience hot humid days and poor road conditions for part of the year. Fortunately, there are ways we can alleviate the harsh conditions that come with the seasons – may we suggest driving a vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Before we introduce you to a capable lineup of vehicles equipped with advanced technology, we would like to clarify the different between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The main difference is that all-wheel drive employs torque to all four wheels of the vehicle constantly. With four-wheel drive, power is split between the front and the rear driveshafts. Further, all-wheel drive is constantly in motion, whereas a four-wheel drive system will automatically turn on when you need it, but it’s not always active. As you can see, both operate slightly different even though they sound like they offer the same thing. Now that you understand how the two work, which one do you need?

Should I Choose AWD Or 4WD?

When it comes to all-wheel drive, this form of technology is best suited for most drivers as it provides better performance on on-road surfaces. With improved traction you can feel confident traveling on poor road conditions – but, be sure you’re still traveling at a safe speed, regardless of whichever technology your vehicle equips. As for four-wheel drive, if you plan on venturing off-road, you will find that this form of technology was built to conquer challenging terrain. The bottom line: all-wheel drive is beneficial for light-duty travel and most snow conditions; four-wheel drive is best for drivers that plan on pursuing off-road adventures, or plan on doing a lot of towing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Toyota Models Equip Four-Wheel Drive?

Which Toyota Models Equip All-Wheel Drive?

Where Can I Test Drive A Toyota 4WD Or AWD Model?

Right here at Toyota of Smithfield! With our extensive inventory of Toyota models, we offer an easy way for you to browse AWD and 4WD models. Come visit us at 550 George Washington Hwy in Smithfield, RI where proudly serve drivers from Providence, Pawtucket and Cranston Rhode Island, as well as Attleboro, Massachusetts. For more information on Toyota’s lineup of SUVs, read about the many reasons to own a Toyota SUV.