Toyota Oil Service in Rhode Island


The chances are good that you chose a Toyota because of the brand’s reputation for long vehicle life and dependability. Your part in upholding this exceptional automotive reliability is to simply provide some routine maintenance, starting with regular Toyota oil changes at an authorized service center.

Each model has a factory-recommended interval for each scheduled maintenance item (see your owner’s manual or ask your service technician). Oil and filter changes are usually done along with tire rotations as a combined minor service visit. The factory-trained service technicians at Toyota of Smithfield use genuine Toyota motor oil, which properly lubricates engine components and contains additives such as rust inhibitors and detergents for controlling the sludge that normally builds up over a few thousand miles of driving. Clean oil performs better and protects your engine to ensure it a long life.

When your vehicle is ready to have its oil and filter changed, our Toyota-trained professionals are on call for you. They have deep knowledge of every car, crossover, SUV, and truck in Toyota’s extensive lineup of vehicles, and so it makes sense to entrust your transportation to their care. Making an appointment is easy with our handy scheduling tool or by phone at 401-352-6854. We look forward to seeing you soon!