Why Buy Genuine Toyota Parts vs. Aftermarket

For decades, Toyota has earned a reputation for making reliable vehicles that run well for many years. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs will be needed to keep those cars on the road into double-digit years. At those times, there are several reasons why you should buy genuine Toyota parts vs. aftermarket parts.

First, it makes sense that parts made by Toyota will have the same longevity as the cars themselves. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are put out by lots of independent manufacturers that may be too small or too new to have established a reputation in the industry. Therefore, there’s a risk in buying parts from an unknown maker and installing them in your vehicle.

Second, aftermarket parts do not always come with a warranty. If the part fails, you could be out of luck. Authentic Toyota parts, though, are fully guaranteed and backed by the number-one selling automaker in the world. You can’t go wrong buying original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for regular maintenance, mechanical repair, or body work after a collision.


Why are OEM Parts Better?

You’re walking around the auto parts store or browsing online, and you see that some of the smaller manufacturers’ parts are cheaper. So, you ask yourself, “Why buy genuine Toyota parts vs. aftermarket?” Well, the answers are pretty straightforward. Most importantly, the OEM parts were made specifically for your Toyota. There’s no question that they will fit and function precisely.

This is critical for mechanical parts as well as body components, if your vehicle has been in an accident. Say you choose an aftermarket body panel to replace one damaged in a collision, because it’s a little cheaper. That panel may not have been built with the same potentially life-saving crumple zones that a Toyota-brand panel was. And should you go to trade in or sell that vehicle, the non-OEM component could bring down the resale value. There’s plenty of truth in the adage, “You get what you pay for.” As tempting as it may be to save a few dollars, it can be a risky choice.

When you have your car serviced at Toyota of Smithfield, you know that you will always get authentic Toyota parts in their most current edition. If you are doing maintenance yourself or using an independent shop that favors aftermarket parts, it can be tricky to choose the correct part the first time. If the wrong part is ordered, that can cause a delay, leaving you without your vehicle longer.

When you buy genuine Toyota parts vs. aftermarket, you’re getting the same long-lasting quality and dependability that the automaker has always been known for. The service department at Toyota of Smithfield maintains a full inventory of parts and accessories for your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. We also run regular specials to save you money on purchases and service. Come in today to see our selection.