2019 Tacoma Double Cab vs. Access Cab


The Toyota Tacoma has earned its popularity thanks to its capabilities, reliability, utility, and high resale value. It’s also a great-looking midsized pickup that comes in multiple configurations that suit the varied needs of individuals, families, and work crews.

Besides the drivetrain combinations you will get to choose from (two engine choices, manual or automatic transmission, and rear-wheel versus four-wheel drive, there are two bed lengths and two cab styles: the Access Cab (regular) and Double Cab (extended). The Access Cab comes only with the Tacoma’s longer wheelbase (141 inches), while the Double Cab can be ordered with either that wheelbase or the shorter option (127 inches).

The Double Cab provides a full-sized back seat for three, with full-sized doors that open forward, just like the front doors. The Access Cab has “suicide-style” doors that are narrower and open backward, revealing a smaller seating area suited for smaller passengers, a dog, or cargo that you’d rather not transport in the open bed (groceries, suitcases, tools, etc.).

The rear seats on each cab choice fold away differently. The Double Cab’s back row has a 60/40 split and its seating surfaces flip up and forward, which allows their seatbacks to be folded flat over the exposed seating base to create a level area. Tacoma owners with dogs find that this
makes a great platform for traveling with their pets (a pad or dog bed can be placed over the hard plastic platform. The Access Cab’s rear seating surfaces fold in the opposite direction: up and backward against their seat backs.

Choosing Between the Tacoma Double Cab and Access Cab

Each cab option certainly has its advantages, and which is better depends on how the buyer will use that truck. If it’s used as a family vehicle or a work truck for a crew, the more spacious Double Cab is the way to go. This style also has a bulkhead storage area (whereas the Access Cab has a center console, which limits seating back there to two occupants). Drivers of the Double Cab version (which has a base MSRP about $1,000 higher) of the ’19 Tacoma often say that it has a more SUV-like feel than the smaller Access Cab style.

Those who rarely have more than one passenger and/or appreciate the wider egress that the suicide-style doors provide will be happier with the more traditional pickup experience of the Access Cab. The smaller cab also makes for a Tacoma with increased performance, with more power and better traction.

The way to know for sure is to check out both versions in person. Come in to Toyota of Smithfield and look them over, see the functionality of the back seats for yourself, and do a test drive. Your sales representative will answer all of your questions and fill in whatever information you need to help you make your decision.